Stepping Across America Funding Raising Campaign Update

My journey walking across America started July 1 and I am happy to say that I have made it halfway- that’s 1500 miles in 3 months.  But more importantly, I am very pleased to report that Steps2Walk has raised $12,000 during the first half of my walk.  That includes securing 70 new donors to Steps2Walk!  

When I approached potential donors and shared what I am doing in this fundraiser, many ask why am I doing this?  My answer is because I can and I am walking 3,000 miles for those who can’t!   I also share the pictures of the foot deformities that our surgeon teams correct, and most ultimately wind-up donating!

My journey thus far has been so rewarding.  I have met so many great people of all races, color, ages, and backgrounds.  The common element is that people care!!!  That is what has kept me going to this point. People have also approached me and told me that seeing me walk on my journey inspired them to walk every day.  I see them every morning and they give me the thumbs up when they pass me.  One patent lawyer stopped me the other day and told me that she walked 10 miles and did so because I inspired her.  

So how am I doing today?  I was going strong up to about the 1200-mile mark.  Up to this point, I just focused on hitting the halfway point.  However, the midway point started to seem so far away that it made me feel like I was walking in quick sand.  My feet started hurting, blisters started to appear and my energy level was challenged.  It felt like every step was a hurdle.  Despite these challenges, I kept going, and yes, I finally reached the 1500-mile goal.  However, my journey still has 1,500-miles left and I need your support!  I ask that you strongly consider donating to Steps2Walk on our website and state your donation is to support my Stepping Across America campaign.  Go to

You can also track my progress on our website and social media sites.  Thank you for your support as without your support, my journey has no meaning!   Join us in giving the gift of walking to those in need in developing countries around the world!

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